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If your choir wants to join us, please contact:
Sofia Söderberg
phone: +46 70  666 31 24
e-mail: sofia.soderberg(@)

The concerts will both expose problems and threats that we are facing and point towards solutions.

Earth Choir leans on the uniting power of choral singing. Our aim is to engage people from all countries and all continents, singing in concerts for the planet. Our concept includes short poetic texts about threats and opportunities for Mother Earth.

For each text, your choir chooses a song from your own repertoire and on your own level. During the concert, the texts will be recited between the songs.

Author of the Swedish texts is Tiina Meri. We provide an English translation to each country. The choirs decide whether they want to translate the text into their own language or use the English version.

Singing for a Living Planet

Starting on April 1st 2016 your choir, together with choirs from all over the world, can go ahead with a concept concert for the climate and be part of Earth Choir. You are responsible for the concert, where and when it will take place, and also for the costs. You have the right to any income from the concert you perform. 

We offer the Earth Choir logotype and the texts for your choir to use. 

Documenting the Concerts

When you have decided to join the concept you announce this to us and you will then be presented on our website. On the website we will show dates for performances and document how many choirs are joining and singing for Earth Choir. 

After the concert you commit yourselves to give us information so that we can update the counting train on the website. It will not only show how many people have been singing, but also how many have been listening.

On the website we will publish documentation, recordings and pictures from the concerts. 



Concert Concept

1. Mother Earth

Text and song

2. The Ocean
Text and song

3. The Soil
Text and song

4. The Animals
Text and song

5. The Vegetation
Text and song

6. The Water
Text and song

7. The Forests
Text and song

8. The Sky
Text and song

9. Mother Earth
Text and song